green with envy




Malaury bag Comptoir Des Cotonniers, gray jeans JBrand, sweater Rag and Bone, boots Fiorentini and Baker,    belt vintage


So this is my new fall bag… I have gone back and forth on whether to keep it or not.  I absolutely love this color and style but really wasn’t sure if I could commit to a non-black bag.  I know this looks dangerously similiar to the PS 1 by Proenza Schouler but the color is very unique. Comptoir Des Cotonniers makes a limited edition version of this bag each year and this is the only color available.  The Jbrand jeans were an ebay bargain as well as the boots.  Sometimes I dig around on ebay for hours looking for the best deal I can find…. these were definitely two fabulous finds.  

layer up




top jcrew , leggings club monaco , sweater rag and bone “montgomery”, boots vera wang lavender “ulisse”, coat zara similar


It’s absolutely freezing in the northwest right now so it’s the perfect excuse for layering up.  I can’t seem to quit wearing this jcrew shirt… there is just something about how easy and casual it makes everything.  The boots are from last season and they are so worn to the bone that I had to have them resoled (ps. everyone needs a good cobbler and i don’t mean apple).  Rag and Bone is perfect in all they do and this cardigan is no exception… just pure oatmeal goodness.  The changing of the seasons is so much more important than most people realize, its absolutely necessary not only in nature but also in fashion.  



Zara knit

As some of you may know shopping isn’t just this simple thing where you walk in to any store and just buy whatever you like…. For some of us it’s more like carefully thought out hunting. Always looking to get what you pay for or even better when you can get a huge bargain. And in my humble opinion this chunky oversized cardigan is exactly that… a steal. Zara is this amazing place where you can find almost anything for pretty affordable prices. But to be honest some of it is hit and miss, and frankly instead of spending $60 on a crappy sweater I would rather save and buy a really nice one somewhere else. Of course touching and feeling clothes is an integral part of the shopping experience. The second my fingers grazed this sweater I knew it amazing… substantial, soft, heavy and only $89. I put it on, closed my eyes and pretended I was in Barney’s. Would I want this sweater if it had a different brand name on it and was retailing for $500… Yes… I would be totally bummed because I would have to hang it back where I found it. But not in Zara…. Anything is possible at Zara.
PS. I got this sweater yesterday at the Zara on 59th and lexington… Couldn’t find it online yet.

Fall in


top rag and bone “beach sweater” similar here, skirt comptoir des cotonniers, belt urban outfitters, boots fiorentini and baker , necklace brandy melville, purse H&M old

I leave for new york in the morning so i just wanted to post a quick outfit of the day in case i can’t post for a while.  As i have said before I’m obsessed with skirts and boots…. any combination of the two.  I love this sweater not only because it was a huge bargain on rag and bones website but because its light enough to wear when its warm and not sweat to death.  Although this brandy melville necklace is fabulous, it’s a mess to travel with and always ends up in knots… so it will not be heading to new york with me tomorrow but i am hoping that many new treasures await.